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strictly enforcin▓g the law. Their practices of hypocrisy and▓ double standard are▓ too obvious to miss.Hong Kong a▓ffairs are purely

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China▓'s internal affairs▓ and brook no interference from any foreign forces. And Beij▓ing

will c▓ontinue to live up to▓ its commitment to "one country, tw▓o systems."For ▓those Pompeos and Pelosis, the▓ir most constructive contrib▓ution to returning peace and▓ stability to ▓H

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ong Kong can only be endin▓g China-smearing ▓and getting t▓heir hands▓ off China's ▓domestic affairs▓. Please scan the

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QR Code to ▓follow us on Instagr▓amPlease scan the QR Code to follow us on WechatThe Iranian supreme leader Ayatollah A▓l

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i Khamene▓i said on Sunday th▓at the negotiations with the United States shou▓ld be prohibited to block American's i?/p>

Kong separatists and rio▓ters who have kept trashing the ▓rule of law and disrupti▓ng social o

nto the countr▓y.Iran's to▓p leader urges b▓an on negotiation▓s with U.S.Iran's top leader urges ban on negotiations ▓with U.S.11▓-04-2019 09:54 BJTTEHRAN, Nov.▓ 3 -- The Ir

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attacked police ▓officers, bl▓ocked roads, tor▓ched mass 

anian supreme leader▓ Ayatollah Al▓i Kha

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transit railway ▓stations, turned universities into str

menei sai▓d on Sunday that the▓ negotiatio

ongholds, forced▓ classes to be suspended, and com▓mitted such hor▓rendous

ns▓ with the Uni▓ted States should be prohibited ▓to block Ame▓rican's infiltration▓ into the

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country."▓This prohib▓ition of negotiation (with the▓ U.S.) has a strong logic, as▓ it will block the way of th▓e en

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emy's inf▓iltration, display the Islamic Republic's impressiveness to the world, and shatter Am

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  • f the seizure of the U.▓S. embassy by the Iranian

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e Pompeo have chosen to a▓dd fuel to the fire. They met Joshua Wong Chi-▓fung and ot

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    d separa▓tists, have be by Jhon Doe on April 24, 2012
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    students in Tehran.The U.S. embassy ▓was storme▓d by Iranian students on Nov. 4, 1979, and ▓its personnel wer▓e held hostage for 444 days.The United States broke off diplomatic relations with Iran in 1980. P▓lease scan the QR Co▓de to follow us on InstagramPlease scan the QR Code to follow us on

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    so-called Ho▓ng Kong H by Jhon Doe on April 24, 2012
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    WechatChinese Vice Premier Liu ▓He, a member of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China Central Committee and chief of the Chinese side of ▓the China-U.S. comprehensi▓ve economic dialogue, held a pho▓ne conversation at▓ the request of U.S. Trade Repres▓entative Robert Lighthizer▓ and Tr

  • uman Rights and

     Democracy Act of 20▓1 by Jhon Doe on April 24, 2012
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    easury ▓Secretary Steven▓ Mnuchin late ▓Friday.Chinese, U.S. chief▓ trade negot▓iators hold phone talksChinese▓, U.S. chief trade ▓negotiator▓s hold phone talks11-02-2019 10:2▓4 BJTBEIJING, Nov. 2 -- Chinese Vice Premie▓r Liu He, a member of the Political Bureau of▓ the Communist Party▓ of China Centr▓al C

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    o greater and greate by Jhon Doe on April 24, 2012
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    ommittee and chief of the C▓hinese side of the China-U.S. comprehensive economic dialogu▓e, held a phone con▓versation at the req▓uest of U.S. Trade R▓epresentative Robert Ligh▓thizer and Treasur▓y Secretary Steven Mnuchin▓ late Friday.In t▓he phone talks, the two sides had earnest and const▓ructive discu

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